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Zumba Shoes for Women

One of The Best Zumba Shoes for Women Today

It’s no secret that we love Bloch shoes, especially when we’re talking about Zumba shoes for women who want extra comfort and dance performance.  Although we’ve reviewed this footwear before, we really need to devote much more attention to this shoe.

Let’s start with the arch support which is outstanding.  You can wear them just the way they are and get excellent supportive cushioning for your feet.  But, if you have prescription orthotics custom made for your feet, then you’ll be delighted to know you can quickly slip them into these shoes for Zumba.  However, there’s one thing we should warn you about.

Important – Select a Full Size Larger!

Order a full size larger than your typical shoe size because these Zumba dance shoes run small.  Yes, the fit feels like it is a whole size smaller than the size marked on the box.  These Zumba fitness shoes are fantastic, but please get the correct fit so you can enjoy all the benefits they have to offer.

Now, you know how much fun you have during your dance workout class.  Once Beto’s music starts pounding and you get warmed up, the exhilaration of all the twists, turns and moves is overpowering.  That’s what Zumba fitness is all about.  But you don’t want to experience the aches and pains in your feet, knees and joints the next day.

We just read about one woman who developed a multitude of foot and leg problems long before she stepped into her local Zumba exercise class in Seattle.  Her very first surgery was performed on her bad knee.  Then she had another one after she broke her ankle while running across a soccer field.  And she has ongoing pain from her bunions and hammertoe problems.  Needless to say, she is a perfect person to try these zumba shoes.  After wearing these Bloch dancing shoes just a few times, she fell in love with them.

Normally she would experience swollen feet and pain in her legs and knees after an intense Zumba exercise session.  But after she discovered this footwear, her feet and ankles quickly began to feel much better.  Just ask her if she thinks these are some of the best Zumba shoes for women to wear to dance class.  She loves them, even more than her old Nike or New Balance shoes.