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Zumba Shoes for Carpet

Terrific Zumba Shoes for Carpet and Similar Surfaces

Men and women alike have difficulty finding the correct Zumba shoes for carpet surfaces.  So we began our search for Zumba Shoes for Carpetthe best footwear we could locate.  We noticed that one popular brand was mentioned more and more frequently.  Several people commented on the Capezio “Canvas Dansneaker” and the type of sole used when making these shoes.  Dance instructors noticed that the material used on the bottom of these Zumba shoes tend to be slippery.  In fact they might be too slick when used for fitness dancing on wooden floors.  It was those comments that got us to thinking.

If enough people felt like they needed to upgrade their shoes when wearing the Capezio Canvas Dansneaker on wood, then this could be a great shoe for zumba dancing on a carpeted surface.  And that is what we found.  More than one person noted that the material of the shoe’s sole seemed to be just right when the workout floor was covered with carpet.


The Capezio “Canvas Dansneaker” Shoes Run Small

“Just started using the shoes and it’s amazing how easily I can spin and do my zumba steps in these, compared to regular sneakers. So far, very comfy. I followed other reviewers’ advice and ordered a full size bigger and they fit perfectly. Highly recommended.”     -Reviewer from Zappos


Before we continue, please be aware that like most dance shoes, this brand runs small.  You’ll want to select at least a half size bigger than your regular street shoes.  And you should strongly consider a full size larger if you anticipate any sizing problems with your Zumba shoes for carpet.

The fact that most people get a better fit by ordering a half or full size bigger seems to be the standard when shopping for dancing shoes.  This is usually true for aerobics, Zumba, jazzercise, or just about any dance workout shoe being sold today.

As we mentioned, this Capezio is great if you need Zumba shoes for carpet.  Also, the canvas material makes them very lightweight.  This is ideal because ease of movement is critical when dancing to the various workout routines.  The canvas might even stretch a little.  This would be an extra bonus if you have wide feet.  We’ll need additional feedback on this, but considering the low price of these shoes, they’re definitely worth it.  And this is especially true if your Zumba dance workout takes place on a surface that is slick – such as wood.  You’ll want to take care of your joints by switching to a quality pair of zumba shoes for carpet or similar flooring material.  Take a look at the “Canvas Dansneaker” by Capezio.